Here is a list of some of my favorite books, blogs, and podcasts. If you have any other favorites, leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list. Happy studying! (In the interest of full disclosure, I have embedded links for all of the books which generates a small income that will help sustain this webpage.)

Jodorowsky, A & Costa, M. (2009) The way of tarot: The spiritual teacher in the cards (Jon E. Graham, trans).

This book focuses on the complex symbolism of the Marseille Tarot; it allows readers to build a nuanced vocabulary. I would recommend this book to individuals who have a basic understanding of the cards meanings.

Greer, MK. (2007). 21 ways to read a tarot card.

Mary K Greer, the grand dame of the Tarot world, provides the reader with 21 unique ways to understand the cards; her approach focused on the imagery (regardless of which deck is used) will allow the novice and experienced reader delve deep into the meaning of the cards. I definitely recommend this as a starting book to help readers develop personal meanings for the cards.

Amberstone, RA & Amberstone, W. (2006). Tarot tips: 78 practical techniques to enhance your reading style. (3rd ed). Special Topics in Tarot.

This is a great FAQ book; the authors, two incredibly experienced teachers and readers, present incredibly concise answers to commonly asked questions. I think this is a great book for any beginner to get their questions answered.

Greer, MK & Little, T. (2004). Understanding the tarot court. Special topics in Tarot.

This book provides an excellent framework for understanding the complexities of the court cards and the different ways (both the who, how and what) that they can come up in a reading.

Ben-Dov, Y. (2013). Tarot – the open reading.

This is an excellent book for developing an open style of reading that is based on the look and feel of each card, rather than a strict interpretation of each card. It gives a good overview of the card’s numerology and practical ideas on how to read the imagery of each card, regardless of which deck you are using.

Riley, J. (1995). Tarot dictionary and compendium.

This is an incredible reference book for any Tarot student. Ms Riley provides a comprehensive list of definitions for each card as well as correspondence (i.e., runes, astrology, mythology, etc). If you are looking for a deeper understanding of the multiple definitions that each card can contain, this is the book.

Donnaleigh (producer). Tarot tribe – Beyond worlds.

An incredible collection of recordings that provide a wealth of information on all aspects of the cards. Though off the air now, the recordings are worth listening to. Of particular interest, is their Tarot Intensives that walk the listener through the Trumps.

Hunt, G. (Producer). 78 notes to self; A tarot journal.

Ms Hunt’s podcast focuses on the Court cards. Though they are a quick listen, they provide a depth of understanding of the role the court figures played in history and the role these cards play in tarot. Definitely worth the listen.

Mary K Greer’s tarot blog
78 notes to self; A tarot journal
Biddy tarot
The tarot lady
Little red tarot


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