Anatomy of the Sixes

Sixes (the Lovers) – Problem-solving; ability to transcend difficulties; a give & take resulting in a new equilibrium; restoration of balance. Six represents completion of creation, it represents emerging consciousness & purification. It is the union of opposites and integration, promoting reconciliation. Doing what you love – what you please in all aspects of your life.

  • Coins: Generosity; abundance of resources&possible ways to advance. Getting good advice or help where it is needed; follow your own advice. A sense of relief as a burden is lifted from your shoulders; friends giving assistance. Sharing one’s knowledge & experience & good fortunes. People flocking to you because of your generous spirit. A positive outlook in material things. A good community around you; the support of a community. Feeling flexible, but stable.
  • Wands: Victory; a strong alliance between two different parties/goals but common interests. A taste for luxury. Commitment to change for the better & gaining control of a stressful situation. Success through hard work & careful planning. Achieving success, being recognized for your skill and success. Victory through hard work and planning bringing satisfaction.
  • SwordsMovement; accepting limits & adapting to them. Respecting the present order. Compromising in order to make the best of the situation. Leaving your emotionally rocky past behind you & set off on your own path. The first steps to an unknown destination; seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. An attempt to improve your circumstances; further work is needed, but things have started.
  • Cups: Nostalgia; a long-term relationship. Repetition between different generations in a group. The past is exerting influence over your present; a time to reflect & relive playful days. Things from your past coming back into your world & a return to familiar ground. Finding comfort in old friends and old memories. Efforts of the past bearing fruit.