Finding your confidence

Every reader starts out knowing nothing. We look at the deck and ask ourselves What is this? How can I possibly read these cards? And we start out with simple readings and constant reference to a book to figure out the meaning. But we eventually figure it out and become capable readers. How does this happen? How do we find out confidence?
Finding our confidence takes countless readings. When you first start out, you will probably have a tarot reference book (or the LWB if you are like me) and double check each of the meanings as the reading goes on. At some point you will put the book away and go off of your own knowledge and intuition. This is the first step to building your confidence.
Here are some techniques you can use to build your tarot confidence:
  • Read books & blog, watch vlogs, listen to podcasts, take classes, build your tarot vocabulary. (see posts here and here on this topic)
  • Play tarot flashcards: turn on of the cards over and say what it means to you. If you can’t remember put it back in the deck and come back to it.
  • Explore new decks (& study old ones): spend a few weeks with them when you first get them, read with them, study the images, find the symbolic meaning in the cards.
  • Read for friends, family, and yourself: the more you read the more you begin to tie the story in the cards together and the better you get at it.
  • Join a Tarot group (like Washington DC’s Capital Tarot Society): this is a great place to get a little education and practice.
Whatever you use, invest the time. Time is the one thing that will make you a better tarot reader, the more time you invest in learning about the cards the better you will be. For me, actually doing readings was the number one thing that helped build my confidence; studying the cards in context helped me solidify meaning and build my symbolic vocabulary. Time=Confidence.