Anatomy of the Tarot: the Sevens

Sevens (the Chariot) – Victory; the ability to find yourself in a situation; standing your ground against adversary. Seven represents both chance & reason. It is a sacred number, the time of rest in creation. It represents perfection, but also everything that can undermine it. Strong action in the world, seasoned & intense founded in experience & purpose.

Coins: Acceptance; integrating into a system without losing one’s individuality. The need to be patient, you have done everything you can for now. It’s also a time to re-evaluate where you are in a situation; if the results aren’t there, it may be time to cut your losses. Successful handling of a complex situation. Feeling industrious, but waiting for the results to be seen.

Wands: Struggle; someone putting up a fight against many opponents. Obstinacy, endurance, keeping one’s position. Being the sole voice in an argument. You’re in a difficult position, but you have the strength & endurance to overcome. Defending & nurturing a broad & noble vision. Sustaining the effort needed to realize your goals. Defending & nurturing a noble vision.

Swords: Inspiration; a new direction and purpose. Concentrated will & a no-nonsense attitude, keeping the original intent. Recent events bringing promises of brighter futures. Following what seem to be good omens pointing the way. Searching for the truth; secrets being exposed.

Cups: Illusion; focus on what really matters; putting value in things that don’t matter; wishful thinking. Things may not be what they seem. A need to refocus on reality & stop the day-dreaming. If your hopes are to become real, you need to temper them with practical & sincere efforts to actualize them.