Ethical Tarot: Objectivity

Objectivity (adj.) – the quality of being objective
Objective (adj.) – (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts

Being a tarot reader is about taking information that you receive from the cards – the images, meanings, and symbolism – and synthesizing it into a coherent story and message that you pass along to the questioner. To do this in an ethical manner, requires a level of neutrality or objectivity. That is, it requires you to set aside your feelings and biases to understand the truth behind the cards.

When you read for yourself, it is insanely difficult to be difficult (as anyone who has ever tried to read for themselves knows). You approach the cards with your hopes for the reading and your knowledge of the meanings of each card, so you immediately start from a place where you can influence the information in the reading to suit what you want it to say.

The same can be true when you read for other people. To be objective in a reading, you have to first recognize the “baggage” you bring into the space and consciously set it to the side. You cannot allow it to interfere with how you read the cards or influence the outcome.

Being a reader is more about being a receptacle – a channel – for the information. You bring it to your mind let it flow out of your mouth, unhindered by your mental obstacles. Easier said than done.

When you allow your “baggage” to influence how you read the cards, you being to toe the ethical line. Consciously influencing a reading is unethical, regardless of the rational.

Case 1: A friend comes to you for a reading about a person they like (let’s call them Sam). Easy, love readings are your bread-and-butter. But here’s the problem: you also like Sam. Do you let your feelings influence the reading?

Case 2: You have a client who comes to you for a relationship reading. You’ve been reading for them for a while so you have a good amount of rapport. But they always come in with the same problem: things are not going well in the relationship. It comes out that their significant other is (what some might consider) controlling. But the reading shows nothing but good things, every aspect is coming across healthy. Do you let your preconceived notions influence the reading?

So here’s the take away. Being objective is easier said than done. It is impossible to 100% of the time not allow yourself to be influenced. That is just the reality of the situation. But being an ethical reader takes practice and patience. If you want to be objective, you have to first learn to recognize what you feel and learn how to acknowledge it and then ignore it.