Tarot Expectations

One question that I keep coming back to, throughout my whole tarot life/career, is what do I want out of it? Do I want this to be a career? Do I want this to be a hobby? Should it be a component of my work life? Or just something I do on the weekends? Do I want to read for friends or strangers? In person or online? And I honestly, don’t have an answer.

When I first started reading, I just grabbed a deck because I was reading a book about Arthurian myths and the deck was based on the myths. So I (impulse) bought it. Then I would read it, shuffle it, and put in on the shelf only to come back it a week or month later. But there wasn’t a coherent expectation or goal.

When I started this blog, I had a clearer expectation: share my thoughts on minimalism and tarot. Work through some of the best ways to integrate the two and give people the practical advice that I didn’t have. But it didn’t give me a goal with my own practice. It’s always been a haphazard. So how do we fix it?

  • Ask yourself what you (personally) want out of the tarot?
  • What tarot bring to the table?
  • How realistic is the tarot practice?
  • How likely are you to keep with it?

Once you can answer these questions and clarify your own expectations, you can commit to a meaningful tarot practice. And if the practice ends up being checking the cards when the sh*t hits the fan and you need that outside wisdom or your friends are asking for a reading, that’s fine too.