Anatomy of the Tarot: the Eights

Eights (Justice) – Movement & change; the power that comes from within & enables you to accomplish what you seek; bowing to your limits. Eight represents the infinite & Justice; balance & reception a state that cannot be improved. It returns on itself, but in a new & higher frequency.

Coins: Uniformity; practical considerations prove effective; a slow & patient advance, routine work. Intellectual or professional growth. Productive use of skill & knowledge; focusing your energy on work. Having a modest attitude towards accomplishments; they will speak for themselves. Achievements coming through hard-work. Approach accomplishments modestly.

Wands: Haste; signals that things are moving faster than anticipated; for time frame this shows things will be happening quickly. This is a good omen; a harbinger. Events unfold very quickly. The beginning of an effort that tests your resolve.

Swords: Defenses; putting up shields & blocks; psychological defenses. A need to be in total control, a well-guarded treasure. Feeling trapped in a situation; feeling safe but isolated & blocked. “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” your fears may be what is blinding & binding you. Personal effort & courage are needed to take advantage of a temporary route of escape. Needing to rely on the judgement of others. Take advantage of a temporary route of escape through personal effort & courage.

Cups: Letting go; letting go of something so that you may continue your journey. Feeling drained; being too shy to take actions; surrendering your current plans. Giving more than you are receiving or a problems lying beneath the surface. “The walls are there to show how much you want it” (Randy Pausch). Recognizing one has made a wrong turn, moving on or refusing to accept defeat. Being forced to abandoned a path; changing plans. Rework priorities; take the initiative to redirect your life.