Minimalist 7 of Cups

Look around you, what do you see? Is it the clutter of consumerism? The the openness of minimalism? Or the seven cups? This card, at it’s heart, is about the distracting illusions that surround us. Minimalism is about getting rid of these distractions and finding the important things to focus on.

When this seven comes up in a reading it is about refocusing on the reality of the situation and putting aside the daydreams. While dreaming is important, it has to be tempered with practical work to make those dreams come true. Think of the Mirror of Erised (from Harry Potter); if you get caught in the dream you forget to live your actual life.

The Seven of Cups is tied to the Chariot and the power of seven in numerology. In all cases you are searching for the deep truth of the situation. When you connect with that inner power you find the truth and banish the illusions around you.The minimalist message here is simple: focus on reality and banish the (consuming) day dreams. You want something? Go and get it.