Anatomy of the Tarot: The Nines

Nines (the Hermit) – Evaluation; look at the results of your labors; bringing things to conclusion; granting what you seek. Nine is a circular number representing limits, boundaries, strength, & wisdom. It is the completion that lacks something. Entering into a crisis to encourage passage into an unknown; accepting that perfection isn’t possible & going into an unknown.

Coins: Motivation; carving a niche for oneself in a system; ambition. New resources to invest. A period of enjoying your hard work & accomplishments, be a little self-indulgent; self-satisfaction & security. Foresight bringing success. The riches coming in. Contentment with where you are.

Wands: Interruptions; difficulties & opposition too hard to overcome. Giving up on a project to avoid conflict. Starting fresh after a challenging period. Calculated risk, intuition of danger. Pragmatism. Preparing for upheaval & conflict; past lessons preparing you for future issues. Foresight; gaining advantage by putting affairs in order before a conflict

Swords: Nightmares; feeling trapped by dread. These fears are only in your mind. Recognizing them & being released from them. Searching for truth; secrets exposed. Having to contend with armchair critics who underestimate your dedication & skill; discouraging remarks fuel one’s determination. Your problem is real, but you are blowing it out of proportion & making things worse. Making matters worse by staying silence; a need to find your voice. Delusions blinding you to the reality around you.

Cups: Wishes; material success & an assured future. Indication of success & happiness; you will get what you want; your wish will come true. A bright & prosperous future; abundance; good times ahead; taking time to see all the good things you have in your life. Take a step back & enjoy the good things & the blessings in your life. Restoring peace & happiness; good health.