Anatomy of the Tarot: The Tens

Tens (the Wheel) – Completion; lasting achievements; carrying the experience with you as the cycle begins again. The all-embracing totality of things; infinite & unbound, a higher order of unity. It represents manifestation & death of an ideal; it emanates the divine. It resolves & consolidates the lack of the nine.

Coins: Abundance; material success & achievement. Intense activity in practical affairs. Economic stability. Benefiting from the stability build by predecessors. Enjoying the rewards & celebrations that follow completion of a mission. Building on the successes of the past. Enjoying the stability of the situation, possibility for further growth. Seeing the lasting rewards of your work. Generations being brought together; participating in traditions.

Wands: Overreaching; perseverance leading to success. Honoring one’s principles in spite of difficulties. Potentially spreading yourself too thin. Continuous commitment. Be careful not become exhausted with the pace; pay attention to how you feel going forward. Feeling tremendous pressure & out of your depth. Temporarily suppress what you want in order to handle things. Playing by the rules of the game; living under a strict code.

Swords: Exhaustion; a complex situation with many conflicting interests. A long battle without a clear outcome. Need to find an ally who will attack the problem from a different perspective. Period of affliction, physical pain, psychological depression. Things are as bad as they look but are as bad as they will get. Being philosophical you can take advantage of the new beginnings that will follow. The inevitable exhaustion of a cycle gives way to a new era. Can indicate a family conflict.

Cups: Leadership; a person with special qualities receiving the appreciation&a higher status. Assuming responsibility for others. Maintaining a superior position. Happy union & agreement. Permanence of joy, love, & friendship; family – or family of friends – can be or is there. The successful culmination of a long-term goal. The respect of one’s community & family. A peaceful, warm existence; a comfortable & secure domestic life.