Minimalist Tarot Spread

Like I said, I don’t (typically) use spreads. But sometimes I need one. I use this spread when I feel like my life is getting cluttered and I don’t know what to work on first.
It’s simple to use, pick your favorite deck and shuffle and think about your life (or an area of your life like career, home, work, etc). When you’re ready, lay out three cards in a row (like a past-present-future reading). Here’s what they mean:
Where is the clutter? – What can I eliminate/let go of? – What do I need more of?
Nice and simple. When I used this spread this is what I got:
10 Wheel of Fortune (clutter) – Ten of Wands (eliminate) – 18 the Moon (need more)
Here’s how I would interpret: The one that makes the most obvious sense is the 10 of Wands – I have way to many things on my plate, I need to start to eliminate some of the things that don’t serve me. Those things (the clutter) are the choices – in a sense, I have too many options in front of me. The clutter is all of the things in my life that I have to make decisions about. What I need to bring into my life is the connection to my dreams and intuition, I need to pull all of the resources to see what really matters (in this deck the Wheel has a blindfolded woman), to remove the cover from my eyes. Opening my eyes will let me see past things as they are and to see past the illusions the clutter creates.