Online/Distance Readings

Have you ever wondered whether those TV or internet psychics are able to really give a good reading? Removing for the frauds (I’m looking at you Ms Cleo), there are some legit readers out there. But it still begs the question: how do you read for someone who isn’t sitting across from the table shuffling your cards?

Quantum physics teaches us a lot about energy (and I by no means have all of the knowledge). A basic principle is that two particles who are energetically harmonious, will be able to interact regardless of the distance between them. So what does this Quantum Physics 101 have to do with tarot? It’s simple: Energy isn’t restricted by distance.

If you have every thrown down some cards for a friend and they weren’t there, you used this principle. Basically, if you  and the person requesting the reading have the same energetic intention (that is, to get an accurate reading) you will be able to get a good reading. This works whether you are on the phone, video conference, or online.

You follow the basic principles of a “normal” reading: shuffle, focus on the question, lay the cards down. The only difference is how you convey the information. Phone or video are easy because you just talk. If you are doing an email reading (like I offer here), you have to type up a response. One of the nice things with an email reading is that you have the ability to get very details in your interpretation (I’ve written almost a page on just 3 cards).

Regardless of how you use technology in your tarot practice, it opens the doors to new possibilities. Doing readings online, whether through a pay-for-service site or for free, it’s a great way to get some (anonymous) practice. But it doesn’t have to be something you do: you could just read for your best friend across the country.