Question vs Theme Readings

A client comes to you asking for a reading, only problem is they don’t have a question. If you are doing this for a friend and have no time constraints you are golden to sit there with them and frame the oh-so perfect question. But if you are doing a reading someone is paying for you don’t want them to spend 20 of the 30 minutes figuring out the question. Or you get that person who really doesn’t have a reason to get a reading, but wants one. So what do you do?
If I don’t have the time to frame a perfect question or a client who just wants a reading (for the sake of getting a reading), I use theme readings. Think of it like a general reading only you are focusing in on one aspect of their life. Whether it is love or money (or work, family, school, that big project, etc), theme readings allow the client to get answers to what is most important to them without the burden of coming up with a specific question.
Most of us like to get the big picture from the tarot (I know I do), using a theme reading has its pros and cons:
  • It allows for a quick reading
  • the cards can provide the information that the person needs (whether from a higher source or their own subconscious)
  • you can touch on several different aspects of the theme and still get some meat to the reading
  • it’s an easy way to deal with a skeptic (who won’t give you a question)
  • It’s an overview (there is meat but not a lof of it)
  • you can miss what they really want to know
  • it’s more work on the part of the reader (you have to rely on your intuition to get the picture more than if you have a question)
I love doing theme readings, it allows me to get in touch with the subtle information the cards are trying to tell me. They also create a less threatening environment for the questioner, they don’t have to come in with something specific. Next time you have a questioner without a question, try a theme reading. See if they work with your style and give it a try. What’s the worst that can happen?