Tarot & Tech Spread

I know I’ve said I don’t use spreads very often (and I don’t). I had the great fortune to give a talk at the Capital Tarot Society in DC on ways to incorporate technology into your tarot practice (you can see some of the ideas here). As part of the talk I created the following three-card spread to explore how we can use technology. Below is my reading with it. Give it a try, what’s the worst it can tell you.

Deck: Nigel Jackson Tarot (Available here on Amazon)
How to use technology? – Ace of Coins
How to learn with technology? – 14 Temperance
How can technology change my tarot life? – Six of Wands

Impressions: Learning how to use technology take dedication and time, but the pay off is worth it. Understanding the different mechanisms will allow you to bring things into reality because you will give them a strong footing that will provide a fertile place for them to grow and mature. As you learn about technology and the different things it can do for you, there will be many places where you have to integrate the old and the new; bringing the high and low tech together. Everything cannot exist in solely one place, it has to straddle the line between the two. As you learn and use technology, it will give an audience that you can work with and a community that will support you as you learn and grow. It won’t happen overnight, but with planning and patience you will find the satisfaction that technology will bring.