Anatomy of the Pages

The pages, historically the messengers, herald news, change, and works in process. They represent the element of earth and relate to the Trump Strength. The page is a person who is new to situation and he is entering an unknown field. He is inexperienced but passionate.


What: This page lays the foundation from which you can build on and messages about money and business; they can note inheritance or money coming in. This is a card of manifestation, the results are coming in. They are things you can grasp and hold in your hands. The card represents owning up to your actions and taking responsibility.
Who/How: A tenacious but reliable person; he resists distractions in pursuit of his goals. He is the consummate student with a hunger for knowledge and a disciplined approach to learning. He learns through doing. Taking a practical attitude, but a vision that limited to the current structures; not one to rock the boat.


What: A creative endeavor in need of processing, exploring the intellectual aspects of the situation. Gaining new information. Keeping things at arms length and waiting for the right moment. The page of wands signifies honest communications, open information, and the exchange of ideas. He marks the arrival of good news, something you have been waiting for. He brings a growth of new knowledge, in an unexplored field.
Who/How: A trustworthy person; positive support of a position. He is young and brings that youthful enthusiasm to everything he does. A tendency to be sycophantic, he wants to be the bearer of good news and stay in someone’s good graces.


What: Preparing for future challenges, finding out that you need to prepare for something that is coming. Hesitating to put all of your energy into one activity. Swords represent the harsh reality of truth, the page brings this truth to light whether people want to admit it or not. Receiving consequential knowledge or information.
Who/How: He pursues information with vigor, relying on himself to get all of the facts. He witnesses important events, but hides in the shadows. He puts his talent for getting to the truth towards the things he cares about, both people and things.


What: The first messages about romance, whether a first date, proposal, or pregnancy. This marks the start of the process. The truth in this card is based on emotion and intuition, the ideals that motivate you. The start of a creative project, just finding your ideals and values.
Who/How: A reflective person who offers valued insights. His talents are beginning to bloom because of his studious vision. He is the comforting friend, the shoulder to cry on.