Tarot Apps

Technology has radically changed how we interact with Tarot. Whether it is being able to see every card in a deck before we decide to buy it or doing a reading from our phone, technology & tarot are here to stay. One incredible way that technology has infiltrated is handheld devices that allow you access to everything anywhere you are. This includes tarot. Just about everyone has a smart phone, tablet, or device like this. Across all these platforms you can access the tarot.

There are a couple reasons to use a tarot app. Whether it is a digital deck that you can use to read yourself or one that does the interpreting for you, there is no reason not to try them out. There a many great apps out there. You can use apps as a “digital” deck, that you can carry with you everywhere. And if you need to do that emergency reading, it just looks like you’re checking your email. Here is a quick list of some apps that I have used and would recommend.

  • Fool’s Dog* (Apple)
  • Fools’ Dog* (Android)
  • Robert Place’s Tarot of the Sevenfold Mysteries (Apple)
  • The Goddess Tarot (Apple)
  • Tarot Readings (Apple)

*Great selection of apps that include a couple collage decks (free) and a few full decks (these are paid for).

I do not endorse any specific application; the ones listed are a spring board. Best advice is to do your own leg work and see what is out there; also, try the free version before you spend money on it.