Anatomy of the Knights

The knights are activity, they are constantly in motion and have a hard time sitting still. They represent the element of fire and the Trump the Hanged Man. The knight identifies with a cause and then pursues it. He is a person advancing towards a goal; they are the movers and shakers of the deck.


What: Advancing towards tangible results, that are just out of reach. Taking material considerations into account, as well as combining creativity and self-expression. Looking for short-term gains will lead to new endeavors. Chasing money and financial concerns.
Who/How: He is honest and hardworking; he is committed to his goals. He is ambitious and isn’t sorry to go after what he wants. He offers practical advice, rooted in reality.


What: He suggests the pursuit of an intellectual goal, possibly news about a move. Unconventional ideas, taking risks. A momentary pause to re-examine what you really want. Excessive pre-occupation with your own self-interests.
Who/How: He pursues an idea relentlessly, either perseverance (for a good cause) or obstinance (a bad cause). He is attractive and social; committed to developing his full potentials. He seeks the truth, but his strategies are effective, but unpredictable. He follows his instincts, but he needs more confidence to advance. He lacks self-awareness, but he has the resources to succeed. He just has to wake up and apply himself.


What: Advancing in a direction; don’t stand still. The “just do it” card, you can’t have everything but you need, but you can’t hesitate. An attempt to impose your views on others. Determination and perseverance leading to unexpected success.
Who/How: He is never content, he is in constant motion. He has the idea but lacks the follow thru. He needs to move before he gets bored. He constantly searches for excitement, he’s an adrenaline junkie. He has a tendency to be brash and speak his mind. He doesn’t think about the consequences, he speaks his mind. He also has a tendency to be right an annoying amount of the time, which is what prompts him to speak.


What: An approaching opportunity, possibly for advancement. A tempting proposal, don’t discard it out of hand. He heralds a soft sell and following your passion. He is news that someone is interested in you and will appear soon. A romantic interlude.
Who/How: He’s a Casanova, in each conquest he is truly in love. He doesn’t do it out of spite. He pursues his passions with unbridled passion, nothing stops him from following his heart where ever it leads. Though he is a Casanova, he is well-mannered and proper; his is a courtly love.