Tarot Communities

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, email lists, or tarot forums, we are all digitally connected to each other. With MeetUp groups and conferences, we have the ability to meet (in real life) and trade thoughts and ideas (and readings). A core feature of the human experience is connecting with other people. Human beings are social animals.

Tarot communities two incredibly important things.

First, it allows us to be ourselves without the fear of rejection or self consciousness that comes from real life. We are anonymous online; just a descriptionless screen name with even less distinguishing featured avatar. That is if we even have one. Some of us are just a faceless question mark. For tarot readers, we are always afraid of what others will think about our hobby or profession. I for one, can’t mix my tarot-life and my non-tarot-life. They are like oil and water. But being able to go online and connect with people who share my views allows me to remember that I’m not alone.

This became even more true when I connected with a real life group filled with (traditional) professionals who were in the same boat. We all loved tarot, we just didn’t want our office mates know know about it. So we have a family where we can throw cards and discuss the philosophy of readings without being afraid. That is what community it: being yourself without fear.

Secondly, tarot communities allow us to learn and grow as readers. For many years when I started, I could read for myself or maybe one (sometimes, two) friends. I had a very tiny circle I could read for. But as I got involved in communities, I could practice for strangers. I could read for people I didn’t know. I got, not only practice, but confidence. I knew I knew what I was doing because I could do it for someone I had no preconceived notions about.

As you practice and learn, find some way to connect with people. Go online and find a local group. Go to (at least) one meeting: feel out the people. Are they crazy? Is it the good kind (that makes life interesting)? Are the way out past Pluto? Are these people you want to spend time with? If you can’t find a group in person: go online. Check out the Aeclectic Tarot Forum. Chat with the people on there. See what you can learn from them. But whatever you do, don’t lock yourself in the closet. Share your passion (even if it is online online).