Anatomy of the Queens

The queens, historically occupied either roles of power or authority. She carries her power in her influence of a situation and her ability to be diplomatic. In the what role, she represents stability, solidarity, growth & development. Their element is water and her Trump is Death. The queens are Kali, the creator and destroyer; they balance opposites and can see things from all sides. They approach things with the power of diplomacy the ability to bring people to their side without brute force.


What: A stable situation that requires constant monitoring to maintain the gains. Resistance to change, feeling the change is a threat and not the opportunity that it really is. She indicates generosity from those around you.
Who/How: Being content with what you have, at ease with yourself and your possessions. She has good practical sense, particularly around money. A conservative attitude towards keeping the status quo. She resists change, which she sees as a threat. Only seeing things from a tangible perspective (losses and gains).


What: Generosity and finding comfort in friends. Irresistible drives towards passions and creativity. Matters related to food and cooking. Beneficial generosity from someone else.
Who/How: She is sensitive to others and encourages pursuing aspirations. She is your strongest ally and keeps her friends close. She has the strength of her convictions and thinks for herself. She doesn’t pay attention to idle gossip. A cooperative figure who keeps a close guard.


What: She can represent divorce and a forced change of fortune. You’re feeling like things are out of your control or being undermined by opposition. Clinging to the bitter past, unable to move forward. Knowing how to keep a secret, until it reveals itself.
Who/How: Her intellect is her power, she is sharp as a tack. She isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers for what she loves. She is perceptive, but discreet. She’s the woman who outwits everyone around her. She has strong defenses, through her intellect and rationality.


What: She represents a happy love and marriage, it has blossomed into its fullest potential. Guarding something that matters; security in the present.
Who/How: She is creative and artistic, acutely sensitive to her environment. She trusts her intuition but is realistic. She is content with herself and finds her power there. She sees things through a narrow perspective, colored by her past.