The Minimalist High Priestess

Robert Frost said “Good fences make good neighbors” & a hundred or so years before Benjamin Franklin had the same idea, “Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedges.” Though Franklin’s was advice and Frost’s a critique, both have an important lesson: Boundaries are important.

Take a look at a Marseille or RWS style High Priestess. She looks like a habited nun or abbess complete with the wimple (the head piece that covers the neck and cheeks). Her dress and headpiece leave little but her face exposed and even then she has an expressionless look on her face. She isn’t betraying any of her secrets.

All around her are boundaries – the gown that hides her body, the wimple around her face, the veil behind her, the pillars that frame her – all create limitations. Limits on what people see and know about her. This card is about hidden knowledge, hiding strengths from the world, and getting hints about things, which largely remain unknowable.

In minimalism, the goal is to eliminate clutter. Part of how we do this is by creating boundaries and by stopping clutter from coming into our lives. This card reminds us to create boundaries; boundaries about what we bring into our homes, our lives, and schedules. The High Priestess reminds us of the importance of creating boundaries in our lives and sticking to them. Paraphrasing Frost, Good fences make good [living].