Birth Cards

Everyone has a unique path in life. We can’t always know what is going to happen or what we are supposed to do with our life. But the tarot can help.

Here is the quick and simple way to figure out your path in life and the Trump that relates to their life.

Take your birthdate (mine, 12/08/1988) and add the numbers together (12+08+1988) and get the sum (2008) and add those numbers together (10). If the number is larger than 23 add it again (for someone whose numbers add to 23, it would be 5). Take that number and find the corresponding Trump, that is your birth card. (Note: If you get 22 your card is the Fool).

Some readers will tell you, if you have a two digit birth card (like mine) you add those numbers together and get second numbers. These two numbers (in my case, 10 Wheel of Fortune and 1 The Magician) tell your about your path in life and how to handle it (if you have a single digit then you break it apart to give you a number between 10-22). I tend to not pay that much attention to the second card because the more I looked at the combinations, I saw that the second card was redundant. It said what the first card said just in a slightly different tone. (I’m a minimalist so one is always better than two).

The break apart: 22 Fool/4 Emperor; 21 World/3 Empress; 20 Judgment/2 High Priestess; 19 Sun/10 Wheel of Fortune; 18 Moon/9 Hermit; 17 Star/8 Strength; 16 Tower/7 Chariot; 15 The Devil/6 Lovers; 14 Temperance/5 Hierophant; 13 Death/4 Emperor; 12 The Hanged Man/3 Empress; 11 Justice/2 High Priestess; 10 Wheel of Fortune/1 Magician

This card allows you to know what your role in life is, how you interact with the people in your life, and what you are supposed to do. Knowing your card gives you an insight into how you can handle problems and the big WHY of your life. Having the knowledge gives you the power to shape your destiny.