Why I stopped doing a “card a day”

Some of my readers will know that for a while I did a card a day reading on Twitter. And then I stopped. And then I started again. And now I’m done with it.

I started doing it because all of the other “cool” tarot blogs had something like it and I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. But I don’t. My blog isn’t just about tarot. It’s about minimalism too. And remembering to do a card a day was starting to become clutter.

I realized that a) I’ve never found a card a day reading helpful (for me at least) and b) it took time away from things I enjoyed doing (like actually using the cards for readings and discovery or writing). I don’t find it helpful because, with the way I read, I tell a story. You don’t get the whole picture from one card. If you are just starting out, it’s worth a try because it helps you distill each card into a meaning and helps you remember the keyword or phrase that goes with it. But if you don’t want to learn keyword meanings, it’s probably not going to help you any more than spending time going through each card in the deck.

It also took time away from other things. I had to set time aside to do the readings and then post them. EVERYDAY. I tried automating it and doing all of the readings in one day and then schedule them to be released. But I was just condensing the amount of time I spent on it. All of this took time away from coming up with better blog posts and better ways to bring my way of thinking about tarot to you.

So sticking to my minimalist principles, I cut out the clutter and stopped tweeting and drawing a card every day. I take that time to write more blog posts. I’m going to see if I can get more than 2 out a week (maybe).

For me minimalism is about eliminating clutter. Whether it is physical or mental or digital, if you don’t get something meaningful out of it, then it is clutter. What’s one area of clutter you can eliminate?