Anatomy of the Kings

The king is the card of influence and authority, he expresses power, control, and authority. He brings a readiness to move in a new direction and the solid ground of experience. His element is air and Trump is Temperance. The king is the “philosopher king”, he expresses control and authority rooted in experience and maturity. They drive situations; while knowledgeable of their realm, they have an eye of the world beyond their own.

What: Profitable business endeavors, particularly when looking to expand or progress. He brings a secure position. Everything turns up roses.
Who/How: He is a decisive and effective leader. Everything he touches turns to gold, he can do no wrong. He is reliable in his approach to practical matters. He likes to keep things simple, without excessive complexities. He doesn’t rush forward, he is tempered in his approach. When he knows this is the right move, he makes it with enthusiasm. He warns that you need self-control and maturity. His actions speak louder than words, his modesty makes him known.

What: Cautious optimism. Harnessing impulses and desires. Prudent consideration before moving forward. The stability of the past has been shattered, but a new direction is presenting itself. Making moves against yourself.
Who/How: He is prodded to move towards the future. He is the voice of experience, wide knowledge, and seasoned skill. He knows what he wants and puts the work in to achieve them. He is the voice of experience that lends a helping hand when it’s needed.

What: Making plans and preparations, but not moving forward. Feeling pent up, unable to contain the desire to move.
Who/How: He is a revolutionary, pushing through change. A determination to break from the past, he is equipped to deal with uncertainty. He knows who he is and what he has, but continues to seek more. He is analytical in how he approaches a problem; a shred figure. He is ready to face unknown situations. He is open to superior wisdom and experience combined with a sharp intellect and a readiness for action.

What: Emotional stability, feeling in control of yourself. Trusting your instincts and gut feelings. Mastery over your emotions: being in touch with them, but not being ruled by them.
Who/How: He has the power to overcome past wrongs and look to the future; he is open to new experience. He has an interest in the arts and sciences; he has an uncanny foresight and knows where to put his energy. He tends to be reclusive and mysterious. He is the person you rely on for guidance and an assuring figure in your life. He helps you find the answers to the questions you don’t know you are asking.