Tarot & Free Will

I have this speech that I give everyone when I read for them. It boils down to two points:

  1. Tarot can give you answers but you have to do something about it
  2. The future isn’t static, every choice that is made changes things.

Many people think the future is pre-determined and that you have no ability to change things. I completely disagree (and after more than 10 years reading, I think I have the proof to support it). The point of my speech is take the information that I give you in the reading and go and do something with it.

Look at any religious or philosophical tradition and every person has the power (and right) to make choices for themselves. This autonomy is what makes us conscious and empowered beings. We have the power to change our life path, to change our destiny. Tarot gives us the information we need to make an informed decision. Every choice we make changes things; the act of knowing, in itself, changes things.

When you read the cards, use what you learn to change your future. Make your own destiny, make your own choices. The cards contain information, which is knowledge. And knowledge is power. Use that power.