Bottoms up!

Every time you shuffle and cut the deck, your body makes an unconscious decision about the cards that are going to come up in the reading. The cards end up in an order that creates the meaningful pattern that results in a reading. When you cut the deck, you’re again making an unconscious choice about the order of the cards. When you begin to lay down the cards, you get a reading. They form a pattern that conveys the message.

When you look at the cards as they come up, take a look at the card at the bottom of the deck. This card can convey a message that is subtler to the overarching message of a reading. What message does this card contain? Is this a sum card, one that captures the whole reading? Is it a subtle message? Or is the card a smack in the face?

Take a quick look the bottom of the deck and the message that it carries. Maybe it’s important.