Minimalist 2 of Coins

I had two balls in the air, but I dropped them and can’t find them now. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at my to do list and it’s only gotten bigger. Or that project with what feels like hundreds of moving parts only to realize that I forgot a few of them.

Every time I look at the two of coins, I think about this: my growing to do list, the commitments, the balls in the air. I think about all of the planning, prepping, worrying, procrastinating, and everything else that I do when the list gets big. But I look at the two of coins and one look at his face (when there is one), I see the serenity, the calm in front of the storm. He doesn’t stress over his to do list; he is present in the moment. He take a beat and breathes because he knows he can’t get everything done at one time. He has to take a breath then tackle the list on item at a time.

Science is showing us that the more we multitask the less productive and effective we end up being. That we have a tendency to loose track of at least one of the balls and we don’t get everything done. Plus we end up being incredibly stressed by the whole process.

The 2 of coins tells us to breath. To take a step back from the to do list and tackle it one item at a time. For today and tomorrow, when you have that growing to do list. Pick one (I always start with the easiest and fastest to do, so I build momentum to the harder ones) and put your focus there. Turn off your emails, your phone, the TV and anything else that will distract you and tackle it head on. When you finish the first item, go to the second. Remember to breathe and relax you can get it all done, you just have to focus and be present.