Tarot Limitations

For all of Tarot’s versatility and ability to be used widely in most situations, there are some real limitations to this tool. Tarot is an incredible tool for self-growth and understanding situations from alternative perspectives, but there are things it can’t do. When you read for others, you will be faced with having to explain to people that no matter how good of a reader you are you can’t do that.

Tarot is not good at giving you a definite answer (if it was, I would use it to play the lottery), it can’t tell you what exactly is going to happen on June 23, 2015. This is, what I call, micro-level stuff. It’s the yes/no, is this going to happen or not. Tarot, frankly, doesn’t care. It is there to help you understand the macro-level stuff: why is this happen, what can I learn from it, how to best deal with the situation, etc. When you step back from the micro-level, you will get a better understanding of a situation. When you understand what is going on, you have the knowledge needed to begin affecting change, to shape your reality.

By spying, I’m not talking about taping someone’s phone or following them around. I’m talking about questions that follow this format: Steve asking “What’s going on with Jane?” when Jane isn’t there. Basically asking about what is going on with someone who isn’t there for the reading and hasn’t given their permission to be read. Firstly, this is a violation of the person’s autonomy; secondly, Tarot works best when the person who wants the reading is part of the process and is asking the questions. If you want to violate someone else’s free will and read for them, be my guest but don’t expect accuracy or clarity.

A better way to ask these questions are to redirect them to the person who wants the reading. In our case above, have Steve rephrase the question: “How can I help Jane with whatever she is going through?” When the person being read is part of the process, you will get answers that are useful because it’s about them and not someone else. They are opening themselves to the information that Tarot has to offer and can take that information and shape their future.

That Tarot is not a doctor or a lawyer (though doctors and lawyers can read the cards). They cannot give you medical or legal advise. This isn’t what the cards are for. The cards won’t tell you what is wrong, it won’t tell you what medication to take or if you should have surgery, it’s not going to help you understand the legal statues in your community, and it doesn’t provide any legal or medical advise. But they can help you understand the lessons that are to be learned from an illness or legal situation and help you gain insight into how to approach the situation.

For the limitations, Tarot is an incredible tool that will help you live life to the fullest. Being aware of the limitations will allow you to use them to their full potential and will let you work with them in the most constructive way possible.