Other tarot journal ideas

Your tarot journal can be a place where you keep a record of all of your readings and make notes about what the cards mean and different spreads you have come across. Or you can make it more dynamic. I use my Evernote tarot journal as a way to store meanings and record readings, but it is also a repository for all things tarot. I write my blogs in it, keep copies of interesting articles or blog posts, and explore different ways to apply the cards.

Here are a few ideas on things you can use your tarot journal for:

Evernote Keeper: If you are using Evernote (or some other digital version like OneNote), save every blog post or article you find interesting/informative. Create a tag for it so you can find them easily. Aside from blog posts, you can keep a record of every tarot book you read and your notes or reflections on them. This becomes a growing resource if you decide to teach or write. Everything in one place. (Here’s the link to Google Chrome’s Evernote Web Clipper – a great way to store things right from your browser).

Who’s who: Everyone I know has difficulty working with the courts (myself included). They’re just plain difficult cards. Use your tarot journal to create personalities for them. Pick one of the cards and write down who they are, what their career is, do they have children, what’s their favorite ice cream, song, book, etc. Everything you can think of. Then relate them to people in your life. Is your mother the Queen of Cups or Knight of Wands? Don’t pay attention to gender, pay attention to personality.

Comparative readings: Take a reading you did in the past and pull the same cards from a different deck. Write down how the reading has changed. Do these new cards bring something new to the reading. Do the cards take on a new light (more positive, more negative) when you pull them from a different deck. Jot down everything that comes up when you look at the reading with a different deck.

Good cards, bad cards: Take a card that usually would be considered negative (eg, Devil, Tower, Ten of Swords, Three of Swords, Five of Coins, etc) and only come up with the positive meanings for the card. Don’t write down anything that is negative, just the positive. You can do this with the cards that are usually positive (eg, Star, Sun, Three of Wands, Nine of Cups, etc) and only look at the darker meanings.

Whether you just record readings and meanings or you make your journal more than that, it’s your journal. Figure out what works for you and go from there. I like having everything in one place, which is part of the reason I use Evernote. Using your journal as an “all-in-one-place” for all things in your tarot life creates a incredible resource as you continue to study.