The Minimalist 8 of Wands

Do you ever feel like the world is coming at you at a million miles and hour? Or that everything around you is constantly screaming for your attention? Or that life as a whole is just to complicated. Yeah, me too.

Every time I look at the 8 of Wands I feel like the world is moving just a little too fast. Like things are getting out of my control and I can’t pull them back in. While this card captures that things are moving quickly, it also captures that with greater speed there is less control.

Think about your cell phone for a minute (don’t check it, just think). If you have a smart phone, you have a calling-emailing-texting-tweeting-Facebooking-musicing-newsing device. All in your pocket. That’s a lot of stuff for one device. It’s also a lot of distractions. Bored on the bus, check the Facebook/Twitter newsfeed. Walking to work, play some music. The amount of things that distract us from our life is staggering.

I eliminated a bunch of stuff from my phone, particularly Twitter and Facebook and eliminated a newsfeed. On my phone I have my emails (I’m usually away from a computer and use it to know what’s in the inbox but I don’t respond from the phone), music, and the occasional book. I have two transportation apps (need to know when the bus will be there). But I cut most stuff off.

The 8 of Wands taught me to eliminate distractions and focus on slowing down. This lesson has eased the stress headaches I got, gave me my life back, and helped ease my back pain. I spend more time living life than flipping through other people’s.

Here’s the challenge: Cut social media for 8 days, no tweeting or Facebooking; go outside and live life. See the world that is around you and actually live. See how much things slow down when you focus on one thing at a time. It could be interesting.