The Minimalist 10 of Cups

My family made the decision a few years ago to scrap presents for Christmas. We wanted the holiday to be about being together, not about the stuff we got or gave.

This message (people not stuff) is captured in the 10 of Cups. Looking at the RWS image of the card shows a pair of adults and two children (presumably a family), standing together outside of a home with a rainbow in the sky overhead. They have nothing around them, they are alone in the card. They celebrate their time together. They don’t need stuff to be happy, they just need each other. The message the 10 of Cups conveys is that it’s the people in our life that gives it meaning. Whether it’s family or good friends, having people to share the good (and the bad) with is what is important. This card captures the importance of the people in our lives and the meaning that they give us.

Here’s the take away message: For 10 days, say yes. Say yes to the people in our lives; the friends and the family. Have people over, share a good meal or just good stories. Don’t care about the things they give you, focus on what their presence gives you. How to they make your life more meaningful?


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