Why I’m incredibly picky about new decks?

At my base, I’m a minimalist: I don’t like a lot of clutter, I don’t like things I don’t use, and I like it as simple as possible. I’ve never been a deck collector, at the peak (when I started) I only had maybe 5. Now I have two decks that I use fairly regularly and just found a deck I didn’t realize I still had (going throw old boxes of stuff that needed to be thrown away) that I’m moving into rotation before I decided what to do with it. (I will admit that I have one deck on the wish list, but it doesn’t come out until Feb 2015 so I have sometime to evaluate if I really need/want it).

I don’t understand why people have a huge collection of decks (I know two people who are well past 200). It doesn’t make senses to me and here’s why.

They say they do it for the beauty of the deck or that they saw it and they just had to have it; but what happens. They buy the deck and then it sits on a shelf, largely unused until they feel guilt and use it once before it goes back to a shelf.

I talked a week ago about collecting vs hoarding. When you have decks just to have them, you’re hoarding. When you have them and use them regularly, you’re collecting. Me, I have a handful of decks and I use them all the time. The decks I don’t use, I’ve sold or gifted away.

Being a minimalist in most aspects of my life, I don’t have a lot of decks for two reasons.

  1. I get the best readings from decks I’ve had for years. Having fewer decks will allow you to learn the decks you have and gain an understanding of what they have to tell you.
  2. I don’t like that many decks. I don’t like the whimsical, themed, woo-woo decks (no offense). I like concrete, universal images, with simple designs (minimalist).

It takes me months to buy a new deck, I spend time looking at every image I can find online beginning to see what that card would mean to me. I don’t typically look at reviews, I don’t pay attention to what decks are coming out. If I see a deck in “action” and remember it by the time I get home, I start looking into it. If I am still thinking about it in 30 days, I start pricing; then I save up extra cash and get it.

Whether you have 1 or 100, use the decks you have and evaluate why you have the decks you don’t use regularly. When you’re thinking about a new deck, put the idea on the shelf for a month then come back to it before you pull the trigger and get it.


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