Collecting or Hoarding

This will probably be one of the more on the nose minimalist posts. How do you collect without hoarding? How many decks is too many? Do I really need (just) one more?

The reality is, we can only use one deck at a time. The others end up sitting on a shelf when not in use. Even if you have only two decks, one isn’t being used about half of the time. Minimalism, at its core, is about shedding consumerism to focus on what gives our lives more meaning. I’m by no stretch of the imagination recommending only having one deck to be a tarot minimalist (because I don’t). I’m recommending only have decks that give your life meaning.

When evaluating your collection, ask yourself:

    • Is there a layer of dust on my decks?
    • When was the last time I used this deck?
    • Why did I buy it?
    • Have I ever used it for a reading?
    • What does this deck give to my life?

When you use these questions to evaluate your collection, go deck by deck. Don’t try to do this all in one sitting; spend time with the deck before you make a decision. Separate the decks three piles: Use regular, May want to keep, & Haven’t touched.

The Haven’t Touched Pile
If you haven’t touched the deck, ask yourself “What does this deck give me?” If you don’t get anything out of having it, loss it. Decide whether you want to sell or gift the deck. But find a way for it to leave your home. Look online for a trading community, maybe you will find that deck you have been longing for. Put them up on Ebay and get some of the money back; put the extra cash towards something (whether a deck you have been looking at for years or just a nice meal).

May Want to Keep Pile
This is the pile to go through again. Really ask yourself what you get form it? Why do you want to keep it? If you have a real reason, put it back on your shelf. This pile is a way station between the other two. When I went through my collection, I realized I had two decks that i’ve held on to. One I decided to keep because I love the images on the Trumps. The other I is the next deck to go because I haven’t looked at it more than a year.

The Use Regularly Pile
These go back on the shelf – or better yet, they go somewhere where you will use them. Whether you like having these decks for personal use or for when you read with other, they give you something. Having decks that you use regularly is important, they are the decks you build a relationship with and get to understand every aspect of their images. If you are keeping a deck for a reason other than you use it regularly, know what the deck gives you. One deck that I refuse to get rid of isn’t used for readings, but I love playing solitaire with it (I’ve turned it into a Trumps only deck, but haven’t yet read with the Trumps). Whether it gives you something from its ability to read or another reason, only keep decks that contribute to your life.

When deciding what to keep, decks that you get something out of are the ones to have. I have one deck that I keep because I love the images of the Trumps, I don’t use it often for readings but the connection I have with it makes me keep it. Regardless of whether you get readings or feelings from a deck; if you get something keep it. If you don’t, help it find a good home.


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