The Minimalist Hermit

The Hermit embodies simplicity and minimalism. Pick any deck and the Hermit is alone, out in the world, abandoning consumerism and clutter. He (or she) is searching for a meaningful life. The card teach that to find meaning in life, we have to walk away from the world, we must shed the identity the world gives us to find out who we are. We must break the mold and be bold to live our true, authentic life.

The Hermit captures two important lessons. The first is learning to say no. The card is numbered nine. When you say it out loud, it sounds like the German word for “no”. To live authentically we have to learn how to say no to the things that keep our lives cluttered. Things like distractions, gossip, possessions that own us. When we say no to the things we don’t truly need, we begin to find out what matters. We say yes to the essentials and no to the extras. The second lesson is to abandon the non-essentials. The hermit only needs a lamp and clothing; he doesn’t need anything else. Every other item is extra, it’s filler for our day-to-day. As we say no and eliminate, our life gets less stressful and builds more meaning. We get to that fulfillment of the cycle and we find our power.

Here’s the take away message: For 9 days, say no. Don’t purchase anything unless it is a necessity, don’t spend money on anything you don’t truly need, don’t commit to anything, disconnect from technology as much as possible. Turn off the music in the back ground or the news, stop checking social media, set firm limits on when you stop checking your phone and emails (better yet, when you get home from work turn them off). Live simply and see what you learn. See what you truly truly need. See how your life gets better.


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