New Year…New Spread

For as long as I have read tarot, I’ve started the year off with a tarot reading. It gives me a chance to look at what is a head and what lessons I have to learn. I normally don’t use spreads, but I have always used this one. I want to share two spreads with you, one for an over view of the year and the other that will focus on the lessons that this year will bring.

Year Ahead Spread
Lay out one card for each month (you can lay them out in a circle or rows, entirely your call). Each card will capture the prevailing theme of the month. I always make a note of the cards and any initial impressions and refer back to them throughout the year. It’s remarkable the insights I get.

Personal Year Card
Every year brings new and exciting challenges. Another way that you can look at what the year has in store for you is to take your birthdate and the current year and add them up (ie, my birthday is 12/08 so for 2015 the calculation would look like 12+08+2015=2035, which simplifies to 2+3+5=10). My card for 2015 is the Wheel of Fortune. For this year, I’m up for a lot of changes, things aren’t going to go as expected with a lot of ups and downs.

Coupling these two methods together give you a (reasonable) look at what the year has in store for you. Being forewarned about what the year has in store can allow you to prepare better and ride the rough patches with a little bit more control, even if it is only how you react to them. Regardless of what the year brings, here’s to all of your wishes coming true.


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