Digital Tarot: Vlogs, podcasts, & forums

I wrote a while ago about building a tarot vocabulary. There I focused on reading books. Here I want to focus on other avenues. If you’re reading this you’re working on building your vocabulary. Blogs are a great source of information about the tarot. They allow you to see what people are saying about different aspects of tarot. Whether it is how to read the cards, interpretations, history, spreads, the topics are endless. There are a lot of different blogs out there each of which is going to give you a different take on the tarot.

I’m a big fan of podcasts. It’s like having a class on your phone. I carry a couple podcasts around at a time and they let me learn while I’m commuting, at work, or running errands. There are a lot of pros to podcasts, including their portability, diversity, and (if you’re an auditory learner, like me) the ability to listen while you follow along. This is particularly helpful if it’s a Tarot activity or spread; you can try it while you listen. It’s also a great resource if people have recordings of classes, even if you aren’t able to be there physically you can participate in the class via the recording. If you were there, having a recording is a great resource to refer back to after the class.

I’ll preface this next part about vlogs, with I haven’t watched very many; the ones I have watched are great. I think these are a cool idea for things like learning a spread or exploring a new tarot deck because you have the ability to see what the presenter sees. For a general info show, I think it would be harder to avoid tuning into a daytime talk show format. If it is a  recording of a video conference call, it would be a great way to refer back and keep the material fresh if you viewed it live.

I think forums are the best way to learn from other people. They let you ask your question and crowdsource the answer. You get a variety of people (as opposed to a blog which is one person) to answer those burning questions, giving you the chance to look at things from a multitude of perspectives. You can also see what other people are asking and how people use Tarot. I think the real power in forums is the ability to share your information, being able to (anonymously) contribute helps to build your confidence and to not feel embarrassed to ask a question because everyone else is asking the same questions.

Regardless of which method (or combination) you use, you’re going to not only build your tarot vocabulary, you’re going to get a glimpse into how other people use the Tarot all for free and the comfort of wherever you are.


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