That first reading

So you have reviewed the cards and the LWB (and maybe the companion book) and you want to do a reading. That’s the whole point, isn’t it. But you’re scared, anxious, hesitant. Of course you are, you’ve never done a reading before.

Get over it.

Grab your deck, a piece of paper/your tarot journal, and a pen.

Think of what your question is. Hold it in your mind and shuffle the cards. When you feel they are shuffled enough, cut the deck (in two, three, four piles whatever works for you) and lay out three cards. Before you go running to the book, grab the paper and write down the cards that came up and what your first impressions were. What do you think the cards are saying. After you have written everything your cards are telling you; grab the book. Take a look at the meanings of each card that came up and make a note. Just jot down something quick and easy.

Now look at the “official” meaning and your impressions, don’t intellectualize but think about the meanings and your thoughts.

  • Do things sync?
  • Do they diverge?
  • Does one reflect what you want? What you fear?
  • Do you think one feels more “right”?
  • Does one resonate more than the other?

As you compare/contrast your meanings and the book’s, look for things you missed in your impressions. Don’t worry about meaning of the positions, we will get there. Just focus on the story the cards tell.

Keep a copy of all of the readings that you do, as you progress and get more readings under your belt you will see how your readings change.


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