Digital tarot: apps?

I think a lot of people wonder about tarot apps: do they work? are they as good as a person? can a computer actually give a (decent) reading?

When I looked at the app options that are out there I found two different kinds. The first does everything for you from shuffling to drawing to interpreting. The second is just a digital version of a deck, you do the “heavy lifting” (interpreting). I personally feel the “do it all” apps are worthless – they give you a canned answer that doesn’t get into the nuance of the cards.

The “digital deck” versions are a more worthwhile. On my phone I have Fool’s Dog Sampler* (which has a bunch of different decks you can choose from), it lets me shuffle, cut, deal, and read. It also has the ability to use different spreads. I have found it to give pretty accurate readings.

The nice part of the digital deck is that you have it wherever you go. I have it on my phone and iPad which I tend to carry with me. I use it as a quick go-to deck that I can use for quick questions and it is a deck that I’ve been able to integrate into my digital journal. I can take a quick screenshot of the reading and save it into my journal.

A digital deck (regardless of what app you use) will give you the same flexibility as a regular deck. I won’t replace my regular deck – I’ve just had it too long and like how they feel in my hands. But being able to carry my phone and have a deck for a quick reading is really nice. It also lets me try out and see other decks (for a small fraction of the cost).

Whether you go full digital or hybrid, a digital deck is worth a try. The app is free and it can’t hurt. Who knows maybe you will like it.

*The Fool’s Dog: They have three free sampler decks that are compilations of several decks. They also have several full decks (the digital is much cheaper than a physical deck). It’s actually nice if you have both because you can carry one with you at all times.


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