Second Impressions

After you go through the deck once, go through it again. Going through the deck a second time allows you to slow down and to really study the cards. You’re taking a step back from that initial excitement when you first get the deck. Ask yourself:
  • What did you miss the first time?
  • What’s the first thing that catches your eye?
  • Who is the card to you?
  • What’s your first thought looking at the card?
  • How does the card make you feel?
  • Why do you like/dislike this card?
  • What does the card you remind you of?

Before you jump into a book, formulate your own impression and meaning for each of the cards. As you develop your Tarot vocabulary, those initial impressions will form the basis of how your relate to your deck. You relationship is going to be what allows you to access the meanings of the cards.

Reading Tarot isn’t about regurgitating meanings from a book; it’s about connecting with the images and letting those images tell a story. The story is the message the cards have.


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