Digital tarot: journalling

Our world has become more interconnected and dependent on technology. Now people are getting their Tarot education from blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in addition to (the old-fashion and e-) books. Technology also has the power to help you organize your Tarot experience. Every reader I know has a Tarot journal (I’ve had many too). I found a way to have my Tarot journal with me and not take up any space. I use my iPhone (and iPad and Mac) as my journal.There are a lot of apps out there that you can use to keep a digital journal, I use Evernote. It allows me to keep track of readings and meanings, card images and random thoughts without a lot of bells and whistles. It also allows me to access the journal from any computer. I use it to capture my readings, not just what I thought about the reading but a picture of the spread. I’ve found it allows me to quickly see the cards and get back into the reading space.

Having the journal digital lets me get it across devices (and locations), carry it with me (because who doesn’t leave home without their phone), and search through my notes. I can get to a reading I did by searching a question or a deck. It lets me have my readings and Tarot notes all in one place.

Some ways to use technology:

  • Capture: Either the image or audio of readings
  • Record: Your thoughts based on the reading and any details
  • Organize: Keep track of your readings with tags, dates, times, locations
  • Sync: Have your readings available at the touch of a finger wherever you are

The best way to use technology in your journal is to dive in and experiment. I’m constantly changing the way I organize my notes. Having things digitally lets me go in to make changes, update information, and I don’t have to worry about losing it.


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