First Impression

When you get a new deck: What’s the first thing you notice? Where do the people look? Do they look forward or back? Are they happy or sad, angry or pleasant? Who are they talking to? What are they doing? How would they react to a question that is posed to them?

As you work through a new deck, make friends with it. Who are these people in your life? Would you want to spend time with them? Would you get their opinion on a problem in your life?

As you get to know they deck, get to know the people. Consulting the cards isn’t about finding out about the future, it’s about getting a perspective from an old friend. My favorite deck, the one I always go to when the “big” problems arise I have known for many moons. To me it is a best friend, something I can consult when all things get hairy. The only reason I can do this is because I made friends with it a long time ago. I know the people and I know how they communicate with me.

The best deck you have is the one you invest the time in.


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