Minimalist tarot: seems incredibly contradictory. You may be asking yourself how a deck of 78 cards with over 300 years of history, millions of decks, astrological and mythological associations for each card, and a myriad of complex divinatory systems can ever be simple. When I first started learning the Tarot I randomly picked up a deck at a local bookstore and didn’t know anything about the complexities it had. I learned the cards from a little white book (LWB) and the images. It was incredibly simple, and yet I was able to get incredible details from readings.

The idea I propose here is reclaiming the simplicity in the cards, the completeness of the systems without all of the add-ons. These add-ons (ie, astrology, Hebrew letters, I-Ching, psychological/anthropological archetypes), while they add a depth to the meanings, they also make things more complicated. When you first began the meaning of each card was overwhelming. I know that I never thought I would be able to learn and remember them all; I’m sure every other beginner thought the same thing.

So here is what I propose. We explore the cards without focusing on the add-ons. (Blasphemy, no astrology, no Hebrew letters, no Qabala). Instead, we focus on finding simplicity, learning the meaning of the cards from the cards. On here you will not find a reliance on the predefined meanings for each card; you will find a ways of reading the cards based on the images and your intuition, different ideas on keeping a Tarot journal, using technology in readings, and working with the cards in your life. We will work on defining the area in a way that is meaningful to the reader, allowing them to tap into an inner knowing that allows us to read the cards.

Readings, regardless of what deck, are powerful. They allow us to put aside the rational so that we can tap into our inner knowledge, what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious. The cards allow you to find that wisdom you already know but don’t want to admit; they function as a cloth on a wet mirror, whipping away the distortions.


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